From time to time we have Older Pups / Young Adults Available.

Typically these are either pups that we held back for our breeding program and have decided to go 

a different direction.   Others could be dogs that have been in our program and it is time

for them to have a family to call their own.

Most will already be spayed / neutered and since they are older, they are placed on a trial basis lasting 7-14 days.  

Within that time should they not be an ideal fit, monies are refunded and pet returned at buyers expense.  Any time after

that, should it not be working out they are always welcome back here with no refund given .


Born September 13, 2018

appx 18"   35 lb



This will be one of the hardest dogs I have ever had to let go.

He is not only beautiful but has so much personality and the biggest Aussie Grin I have seen.

Dunkin just turned 2 in September and I had plans for him to make a big impact on my breeding program,

but Mother Nature had different ideas and Dunkin is sterile.  He will be neutered in the coming weeks.

Dunkin was a fun dog to show and feel like he would make a good prospect for someone wanting to

do Rally or Obedience.  He is full of personality and loves people. 

Right now, he tends to be male dog aggressive so probably best to be the only

male dog in the family and not frequent dog parks.  He has been with another male and done fine once 

they figured out to just respect each other.  This could change once neutered and the testosterone has

 left his body :) 

If you are looking for a fun-loving dog that is also beautiful to look at, look

no further Dunkin could be your guy.

I will be very particular about where he goes, but feel free to complete the online

application and get communication started.

He is not fre


Born August 9. 2020

17"   33 lbs



Another hard decision has been made to place our boy Tag in a pet/companion home.  

He is still intact, but will be neutered next week if there is an opening.

Tag just recently turned a year old, has unique coloring whereby his left side has lots of black

and less merle.  His eyes are piercing blue.  

Tag lives outside.  He has a night time pen but during the day he is in a large yard or

can run loose on occasion since he doesn't wander.  He spent some time in the house when a bit

younger and is calm and prefers just to lay around.  He would enjoy the house again, but would need

to wear a belly band.  At night he was put back into the doggie quarters so never much time

in a crate, but I wouldn't expect any problems

He would love to be on a small farm or a house with acreage where a golf cart or RTV is in use.  

If my golf cart starts, you can bet he is on it.  Between him and Thunder there is barely room for a human. 


If interested, start with an application (link on Available Pup page) or send me an email at [email protected]

He is NOT Free


Born March 22, 2020

15"   23 lbs



Thunder is a handsome, home grown boy that  has the most amazing copper ever.

Perfect full collar offset by the dark russet copper is stunning.

This boy has nice substance for his size and can also really Move

He has produced 1 "unplanned" litter and the pups are super nice and currently has a 

planned litter in the oven with our girl Booty.  Excited to see them.

I am downsizing to 3 females and both merle girls are closely related, so I have

decided to place this young male as well as a couple others.

Thunder is full of energy,  yet does better if he is close to his humans.  While out at the kennel

he can be a little obnoxious, but when brought to the house he is calm and simply just lies around.  

For the most part he keeps his kennel clean, but if in the house a belly band is required, he is NOT housebroke. 

He has been a farm dog and has not been to town much with the timing of the Covid scare.  I am not sure he would ever 

be comfortable in the show ring, which I think is unfortunate, but totally my fault.

He IS Intact

Thunder is clear by parentage for a full panel and OFA PreLim on hips Excellent

With results from his first litter, I would say he is NOT red factored, but that will be tested again with the upcoming litter. 

If interested, start with an application (link on Available Pup page) or send me an email at [email protected]

He is NOT Free